Tuesday, October 31, 2006


Happy Halloween, everybody!

I hope everyone has a ghoulish day! ::insert corny evil laugh here::

If, however, you're stuck this evening with absolutely *nothing* to do, know that you can always come by my house. We'll order pizza or something, or go out to dinner in costume, and watch the live "Ghost Hunters" investigation of the Stanley Hotel (the hotel which inspired Stephen King's "The Shining") or something equally as creepy.

Even though I have nothing to do (yet), I'm already in costume... I guess I'm a peasant washer woman or something? I don't know... All I know is that my Renaissance Faire costume bodice is too big (which is a good thing, and yet bad at the same time), so I've gone without it and I'm wearing the 18th century reenacting skirt Susan made for me out of that beautiful French blue herringbone linen because it matches my good-enough-for-a-Ren-Faire, fully-boned, Early Tudor corset (which I made with the Elizabethan corset pattern generator) better than my royal blue Renaissance Faire skirt.

... wish my camera phone would take better pictures...

I almost went to school in the above pictured costume, but I was almost feeling weird just walking around my house in this, since, well... from the waist up I'm in nothing but underpinnings... It took Maria reassuring me that it was fine and other people would not make the connection to get me comfortable with that, and that didn't happen until after 4 in the afternoon.

So I wore my poodle-skirt and a pink cardigan with pearls to school instead. I looked super cute! ;D At least, several people said so, including several of my friends in Latin class. But it was difficult to sit in the desk because I'm so not used wearing short skirts... and by "short" I mean knee-length or less, and the poodle skirt comes just to my knees...

Note for Susan (in case I forget to mention it later): I think we're going to need to take the 18th century skirt up an inch or two because I was almost tripping on it if I wasn't paying close attention to how I was walking, and on even slightly uneven ground, I was having to hold it up to keep from tripping and stepping on it.

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