Friday, December 15, 2006

Final Exam - done!

I've just gotten home from my Final. I think I did alright. The arguments seemed sound to me... obviously, they must have because I made them... I hope Prof. Milton concurs. Will know by the end of next week when grades are posted.

I got my term paper back. It is still deeply and profoundly flawed (but will be shared if you really want to see it, even though it can't be taken as an authoritative work, merely as the ramblings of someone who evidently has not yet mastered the sources she's using). But lucky for me and my grade for this class, Prof. Milton seems to be very critical when commenting, but very forgiving when actually assigning a grade. This is good, I think, because it demands improvement without discouraging.

I think Prof. Milton expects me to continue with this topic next semester in my seminar class with him.... He's told me that I *can* do that, at least. He said on my paper, next to my grade, that "[my] paper just keeps improving. Good work!" And he also told me, in whispered tones because the rest of the class was still working on the exam, that I might want to think about submitting something to The Historian, the Phi Alpha Theta (that is the National History Honor Society) quarterly publication, for consideration. I can't believe that he thinks my writing is that good when it still needs so much work, but I'll take the compliment anyway.

I don't really want to continue with the topic next semester though for two reasons. 1.) I am *so* over medieval Iberia! and 2.) I've been wanting to do a paper on the role of women in the medieval Scandinavian wool trade since I heard that the topic of the seminar is medieval economic history. That involves two things I love, Viking women and wool. It's an area I think deserves study... I'm at a loss however as to what to argue in that area and what sources I have access to that will apply... If I can't find any sources, I might have to stick to this semester's topic out of desperation.

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