Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Sigh of Relief and Groan

Reposting this from my myspace blog where I posted it yesterday (Monday) afternoon...

I finished my term paper and turned it in this morning. Thank goodness that's done... Now, I have to focus on exams week... just around the corner.

I went to Next Big Thing yesterday with Maria and Laura. Silly me, I hadn't finished my homework or my paper yet. "Procrastination" is my middle name. So I spent most of the day backstage in the catering trailer doing that. I figured, the reason I was there was to see 30 Seconds to Mars, since I didn't know any of the music of the bands who were playing earlier in the day. Maria and Laura though, responsible students that they were, had thought ahead and took in the show from the side of the stage, which is exactly where I wanted them to be. Don't mistake me.

So I figured, I'll finish all the work I can, eat some really good food, and then get on the stage for 30 Seconds to Mars... Wrong... The security guards kicked us off, very rudely I might add. Said we didn't have the credentials to be on stage for them or some such stupidity, didn't matter a bit that we were on their guest list. They also tried to kick off some of the people who worked either for the station, 97X, who put the whole thing together, or the band. I don't know which, but they were obviously working and not fans. They were harassing everyone like the President was coming through or something. Did not like those security guards.

So went up to our seats and watched from there. Could only see Jared because he was wearing white. The rest of the band was completely invisible because of how the stage was lit. And the amps were working way harder than they had to be. The nifty thing about amphitheatres is that they are set up to bounce sound very well, so that no matter where you're sitting, it sounds like you're up close. Obviously, whoever did the sound missed that memo. I don't know who does the lighting or the sound for the Amphitheatre, but they suck big time. I think they need to go back to school and learn how light and sound waves work. I also think a freshman stage tech student from Blake High School (my alma mater) probably could have done a better job. I know a senior could have. Still, we had a better view than the people up on the lawn did and ear plugs helped a lot with the sound issues. (Seriously, a deaf person could have heard that music it was so loud.) We were having a great time, despite being up there and not on stage. So minding my own business, some guy comes walking past with a big cup of beer, trips over my purse and spills the entire beer all over me and all my stuff. Miller Lite might be less filling, but it still makes your jeans sticky when it dries on them. Ick!

On top of all that, the people working the ticket booth could not have been less organized if a tornado blew through. Took a full hour to get them to find and give me our tickets.

Now, from what I understand, I should have known going in that the Ford Amphitheatre sucks. It gets a thumbs down from Josh, who's worked shows there with the bands' crews, and also from my Aunt Helen, who has sworn to never go back there for a concert no matter who is playing because they suck so badly. Note to self... I concur!

I want Next Big Thing back at Coachman Park next year. Coachman was *way* better!

I also woke up this morning with my cold back in full force. DayQuil saved my life!

There were three good things though...

1.) Jared Leto walked past me at one point backstage and I could have reached out and touched him. He was inches away... And totally beautiful. All white suit, black hair, the underlayer dyed cherry red, heavy black eyeliner. Hotness personified. I restrained myself however, like a good girl, and did not gawk. He probably didn't even notice that I was there.

2.) Maria and Laura were there.

3.) I looked damn good, if I do say so myself.

Pictures, such as they are, to follow as soon as I get them printed...

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