Thursday, March 15, 2007

And indeed, Supernatural *was* better!

Supernatural is my new favorite show!

I'm sure this will change at some point as I've been going back and forth between Supernatural, Prison Break and Bones since September. They're all great shows, but right now, I'm going to gush about Supernatural.

This week it was all about a haunted highway and a psychotic ghost that chases people and kills them in the woods near where he died. The boys had to kill the ghost before it hurt more people. Pretty freaky! Won't say anymore as I do not wish to spoil...

The strange thing is that I hate horror movies... can't stand them, too scary, won't watch them. But I love tv shows like Supernatural. The only thing I can figure is that it is because usually the bad guys die or are at least out of the way within the hour and the heroes always walk away pretty much none the worse for wear. With horror movies, that doesn't always happen... in fact, usually the exact opposite happens - the bad guy gets away and everybody else is dead or psychologically scarred for life (including the audience!). Supernatural takes a lot of those horror movie plots and turns them on their heads. They also do the urban legend thing, folklore and mythology... It's scary *and* it's funny... For me, a totally killer combination in a tv show.

It's all about two brothers, Sam and Dean Winchester (yes, like the gun...), on a quest to kill the demon who killed their mother when Dean was 4 and Sam was 6 months old (in November of 1983 - Sam is a few months younger than me! :D ). After their mother's death, their father, John, became a demon hunter, raised them on the road and taught them how to kill demons and other things that go bump in the night. Now that they're all grown up, that's what they're doing... Sam, at first, wanted no part of it. He couldn't even remember his mother or the fire and demon who killed her. He just wanted a normal life. But then the demon came for him again and this time killed his fiancee, Jessica, right in front of him, and he couldn't do anything to stop it. Ever since, his father's and brother's crusade is also his. I won't say more than that because that's just what's revealed in the first episode. If anyone reading this happens to want to watch the first season unspoiled, I don't want to ruin it for them. Oh, and did I mention that Dean drives a really hot, restored, classic, black 1967 Chevy Impala? He does... It's a very hot car...

Some of the funny from the 1st season:
Supernatural- Best Dean quotes from Season one

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More funny moments:

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I'd post some of the scary bits too, but out of context, they probably aren't all that scary... The above posted might not even be funny out of context, but I think they have a higher chance of being funny than the scary bits have of being scary...

But this is a good intro to the mythology...
Supernatural intro

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Anyway, I've bought the first season DVDs from Amazon... They should be here by early next week at the latest. I highly recommend checking the show out, although it is one of those shows where if you haven't watched it from the beginning and you don't have someone to explain the backstory, it might be difficult to jump into it. But there is an excellent online resource for fans called Super-wiki. It's like wikipedia, but just for Supernatural.

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