Friday, March 23, 2007


The season 1 "Supernatural" DVDs I had ordered last week arrived this afternoon... Yay!

I did a lot this week (reading 200+ pages, two midterms, an essay, taking care of the house and all the animals since my parents left Tuesday morning - with an ample amount of help from Maria) and yet, I still feel incredibly lazy... Ah, well, I'm refusing to care about it beyond this.

My Latin class was canceled this afternoon, so all day today, I sat in with Maria, who is here babysitting me (haha) while my parents are away checking out the house site in VA with the builder. Because of school, I couldn't go with... Maria and I watched "Supernatural" almost all day as the mail arrived around 2:00.

Unfortunately, because we were watching the DVDs when the new episode of Supernatural aired at 9pm, my DVR took that moment to malfunction during a crucial program for the first time in six months and didn't tape it. We figured this out just in time to catch the last 10 minutes of the episode. From what we saw, it was a heart-breaker and the boys will have psychological scars from what transpired in this ep, which no doubt will come back to literally haunt them at a later date... Oy! what an ep to miss! Just like the last time my DVR decided to malfunction, during the season premiere of "Supernatural" last fall. That one, I had to wait more than two months to finally see it when the CW reran it over the holidays, and the whole while I was wondering what the heck was going on... most frustrating... On the bright side this time, the CW has the entire episodes up on their website for free viewing a few days after the ep airs for the first time. So yay! By the end of the weekend, I should have managed to see it.

In honor of my DVDs arrival, I'm posting another vid from myspace... I didn't make it. I don't make vids. I'm just embedding it here:

Carol of the Supernatural

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And one more... a fan-made promotional vid:

Supernatural Promo

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