Monday, March 19, 2007


Spring Break is pretty much over. In 12 hours, I'll be getting out of my second class after my first mid-term exam of the semester. The only good I can see in this is that the semester is over half done with... and yet, that's not entirely good because I still have almost half the semester to get through... including about a dozen more short papers, several tests and exams, a 15 page term paper I haven't even started yet (and it's due in about a month), and that's not even counting the reading... Oy, the reading!

I had tried to be resolved in working ahead over break, but I didn't even get through my homework for the next week let alone anything beyond that. I just couldn't bring myself to do it. I wanted to but every time I looked at my books, I just couldn't touch them, didn't want to and I was too easily distracted by things that were far more fun. I did do my Latin work though because I do consider that fun. But that's about it... Maybe I should look into being a linguist or a translator or something... ::sighs:: I don't know... I just want this semester to be safely and happily over with so I can have fun until late August. Hopefully by then I'll be ready to make the final push through to graduation. I'm skeptical that that will be the case. I've got senioritis bad!

At the same time, this break has been very nice. It's like an early winter thaw that starts to wake everything up for spring again. I've started looking at things I haven't looked at in months. I got the knitting done that I mentioned earlier this week. I've been starring at my spinning wheel and fiber stash with longing (especially that alpaca from Ilana and the purple wool/mohair blend from Greensboro). And I've taken stock of my dye stuffs and I've got a lot! So I really need to get spinning.

The flowers are blooming full force (or nearly) again. We have a yard full of marigolds and hibiscus. The roses aren't around at the moment because I pruned them all about a month ago and they haven't come back totally yet, but soon they will be covered in blooms. The marigolds have all gone straight into our freezer in the garage for a dyebath as soon as I have the time to get to it. I've planted zinnias and cosmos from seed and so in a month or so, with sunshine and luck, I'll have those too... All of these plants can be used in natural dyes. (I'm going to have fun this summer!)

On the other hand, come noon tomorrow, a cold front from Canada will be shutting all that down again as school comes back full force. With everything I put off over break still needing doing, I'm not going to have any more time for the next month and a half than I've had for the previous two and a half.

Why, oh why do they have to have mid-terms the week *after* Spring Break?!? Don't they know that no one studies during Spring Break? ::frustrated sigh::

I'm going to bed and hope that things look less bleak in the morning...

I will get through school... I will get through school...

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