Monday, May 05, 2008

I've been watching the local news again...

A wooden spear was found by archaeologists in Little Salt Springs in Sarasota, Florida. The spring has no oxygen in it, so things are very well preserved there. The wooden spear has been carbon dated to 12 thousand years ago. According to traditional anthropological thinking, humans did not reach Florida until about 9 thousand years ago. O.O

The archaeologists will be searching the same area of the spring in July to see if they can find more artifacts.

Other interesting recent finds: A prehistoric, 1100 year old canoe has been uncovered in the sand on Weedon Island in Pinellas County (that's near St. Pete and Clearwater). It was found by a local man, who reported the find to authorities at which time professional archaeologist took over the job of uncovering it. It was originally about 45 feet long, the longest ancient canoe ever found in Florida.

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