Monday, May 05, 2008

Just a reminder:

Made by dodger_winslow on livejournal... who I do not know... but look at the pretteh!

'Cause, seriously, our fandom does Win at Life. It's very true.

In other news, I got my yarn from KnitPicks. It's awesome! And I can't wait to get into it... There will be a post later with pics...

And KnitPicks is evil! OMG! Look they have new lace yarn samplers!! The downside to these is that there are no patterns for each skein, so one would have to come up with their own idea for each different color. Which to me is a major downside.


La Duchesse said...

*does happy yarn dances* Whee! I'll show you mine if you show me yours.. woolens, that is.

That's very interesting about the wooden spear in the above post. It gets me thinking about bog bodies and all kinds of nifty things and makes me want to pull out my back issues of Archaeology magazine.

Please, please, please say they're bringing the boys back for another season. The world just wouldn't be the same wizzout zem!

Rachael said...

Yes, I shall post pics in a bit. Tomorrow at the latest. :D

Yes, isn't it very interesting. I was trying to look up info on the bog mummies just the other day. I seemed to remember reading an article somewhere online about a new technique that had been developed to extract DNA from them. But I couldn't find it.

The show has already been renewed for a fourth season. Unless something disasterous and catastrophic happens, they'll be back. Have you gotten season 2 yet?

La Duchesse said...

I've been looking for it locally, but so far haven't had any luck. Amazon is on standby for an in-flight Supernatural refueling. :P

I think Nova did a special about bog mummies, too; if I can find my copy of Archaeology, I'll let you know which issue it is. They're sort of scattered around the house, in baskets, on bookshelves, under other magazines. My filing system would probably confuse the most organized bureaucrat in the world.

I bought a copy of "Folk Shawls" and was just a little disappointed. I expected it to be mostly about lace shawls, which it is, but most of the patterns call for worsted/aran weight yarn. And me with this stash of Malabrigo lace weight... and some Baruffa Cashwool.. just begging to be used for something lacy and shawl-y. Whine, whine, whine, I know. :P It's a gorgeous book with gorgeous ideas even if it will require some tweaking when I sit down to knit something from it.

Rachael said...

Such a shame you can't find it locally. It doesn't surprise me though, especially since y'all don't get the channel in your area.

LOL! Sounds like my filing system! Yeah, let me know if you happen to find it.

Aww, that sucks about Folk Shawls. I've got that on my amazon wish list. Good luck with figuring out something to do with lace yarn you've got.

susannah eanes said...

Such a pretty pic. I love it so.

*draws hearts*

Rachael said...

*nods* It's so true... :D *draws hearts with you*