Monday, October 02, 2006

Danny Henshaw on the Derry Brownfield Radio Show

Danny Henshaw, whose home and property was raided by US and Virginia state agents on September 12, 2006, leaving him with 10 days of grief and 79+ slaughtered animals, was interviewed on Derry Brownfield's radio show on September 29th. Hear about his harrowing ordeal and where he and his wife will go from here in his own words, and tell all your friends!

Oh, and I've contacted Cynthia Henshaw and I am completely convinced that this whole story is indeed true. A friend of theirs, Douglas Eugene Davis, who owns a hunt club in Cumberland County, I believe it is, was also raided the same day. They have since learned that they were targeted, but they don't know why, and it was a sting operation which followed no known or published Department of Agriculture protocols. They and this other gentleman have retained lawyers and are currently collecting evidence to take to the courts. Lord, help them in their efforts. Scans of the documents they were given at the time of the raid are available for public viewing at

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ilana said...

Basically, it seems like society is breaking down. Things like this are a symptom of a larger disease for which I'm not sure there's a name. Not that it makes it any easier to understand. American history isn't really my forte, but we're forced to read things like the Federalist Papers and take Political Science for a reason. There are so many parallels here, both in the recent past and in the mist-shrouded reaches of the distant past! I feel awful for them -- and for the poor pigs!
I suggest chocolate for the shock, or maybe something like french fries?