Monday, October 09, 2006

John C. Campbell Folk School

OMG! I want to take classes there! This Spring in March (The week *after* my spring break! Argh!), they're doing a blacksmith class, which is open to beginners, about Viking iron forging techniques! Ahh! I want to take that class! Oh, and they same week, they have another class where we'd get to make Viking bone needles and learn how to do naalbinding! Not only would it be super cool to take those classes, but I could actually apply it in academia because it's experimental archaeology in the area that I want to study in grad school! They had better offer those again at a time when I can take it!

Also interested in Mushroom Dyeing, being taught in about 2 weeks. And there are some fused glass classes that I'd like to take... Just reminds me that someday I want my own glass kiln so I can get back to fused glass... It was my favorite part of my Stained Glass classes in high school. Oh and knitting classes and spinning! Not to mention tinsmithing, photography (!!!!), quilting, embroidery, soaping, weaving... I could go on and on... And I think I could live there and never run out of something that I'd really love to do!

Go to to check out what else they have...

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