Monday, May 14, 2007

baby blanket

Well, I finished the baby blanket and it is blocking now on the kitchen table. I was trying to do the same one I did for my cousins several years ago, but this one turned out to be significantly smaller. I used less yarn, only slightly more than a pound while the other one used 18.5 ounces. But that still doesn't account for it. I think I must have used smaller needles this time, US7, although that's one size larger than the pattern calls for and I can't imagine that I went up to size 8s the first time... The finished proportions of the original were 36"x45". The finished proportions of this one are 33"x34" almost square, although it looks totally square... That's a good size for a baby blanket though, isn't it? There's really no way to fix it now, except to redo the whole thing, and while I would... I think I'm going to live with it.

I can't seem to get my phone to send the pics of the new one to my e-mail right now... so these are pictures of the one I made several years ago with the same pattern:


ilana said...

How pretty! How long did it take you to knit it? I've never been able to finish a big project like that, which is one reason mom's ruana still isn't finished, and the dragon blanket isn't finished either. :P Right now, the only thing that's close to being finished is the Spartan pullover.

It's lovely. I'm sure the baby who receives it will be happy indeed!

Rachael said...

Thank you! ;D It's for my yet-to-be-born-or-named nephew. He's due in mid-August.

I think I cast on the stitches back in March during Spring Break, but I didn't start working on it in earnest until my term paper was done... so maybe two weeks of good knitting time?

While it was blocking last night, I made a baby bath mitt ( ) and one bootie ( I'm going to make the hat pictured there too. Then I've got patterns for other hats and booties that I want to do as well, most especially these cause they're so cute! And eventually, I want to make the Beach Onesy here, but I'll have until next summer to finish that set.

But right now, I'm working on stuff outside after all that inside work. Cabin fever and tendonitis in my wrist have started to set in and I'm looking to get rid of them before either gets bad.

It's funny. I'm terrible at finishing projects that I'm making for myself or my mom, but all the stuff I make for everyone else gets done pretty quickly.