Sunday, May 13, 2007


Mom and I have been wanting a kitten for a while now. Mom insisted that it had to be a long-haired, female kitten and I just said I didn't care as long as she was sweet. Well, we saw an add in the paper this morning for free, sweet and sociable, all black, long-haired kittens. Mom called in the early afternoon and found out that there was one girl left and now they are holding her for us. By next weekend, she will have had her second set of shots from the vet. The people breed purebred cats, which they sell for hundreds of dollars, and something went wrong this time and they ended up with mixed domestic long-hairs, hence "free" even though they've had their vaccines and vet care. But the lady said that these kittens have the sweetest disposition of any cats she's ever seen, so this sounds good to us. So next Saturday we're going to drive up to Brooksville in Hernando County to get the little girl that they are holding for us. Mom used to have a farm up there and it's mostly horse country out that way, so the drive should be nice. We're going to name the kitten "Amaya," which supposedly means "night rain" in Japanese, but might have been made up by some American who doesn't understand the finer points of kanji. In any case, I like it...


ilana said...

Whee! When do we get to see pictures of baby fuzzy? We're adopting a stray who's been hanging around since winter. His name's Pippin, he's black, and he talks a blue streak.

Cute icons! I have one that says "Stash Pride", but I haven't figured out how to put it up on my blog. I guess live.spaces doesn't do a lot of things the others do.. :P

Rachael said...

I hope to have a picture of Amaya posted next Saturday. Aw! You got a black kitty too! And "Pippin," I love that name!

I haven't figured out how to use icons on myspace yet because you can't put uploaded icons on your profile page or in your blog there. All pictures and picture-type things have to be linked from elsewhere, like photobucket or another website. Kinda dumb, that. Live.spaces, blogger and myspace all don't do the icon thing (or at least, not easily)... I wish that my blog could have the cool interactive lists that live.spaces have, the ability to handle video and friends' list like myspace, and the interactive linking between different people's journals and that icons that livejournal has, plus the user-friendliness of blogspot. That would be perfect. But I'd settle just for the icons... LOL!