Thursday, May 17, 2007


Well, I feel I've had a very productive day already and it isn't even noon yet!

I got up this morning at about 6 am because of how early I went to bed last night (around 8pm). I did wake up in the middle of the night, watched the "Bones" season finale on my DVR and then went back to sleep, but I still got a ton of rest. So I was sitting on the couch, thinking about what to do for breakfast and getting ready to turn on Tuesday's "Ellen DeGeneres Show" on my DVR because its the only one from this week I haven't seen yet, and my dad came in and said he was going to be going to breakfast with his friends from work in a little bit. I asked, "How long is a little bit?" He said he'd be leaving as soon as my mom was leaving for work, so in about five minutes. I said, "If I can get ready in five minutes, can I go too?" He didn't believe that I could be ready, but he said if I was I could go. So I raced into the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face, threw some clothes on, and did my make up and hair in the car. He couldn't believe that I was ready to leave the house in less than five minutes, he said that he'd never seen a woman get ready so fast. :D I'm amazing when I'm motivated. We went to the Village Inn near the school that my dad worked at for over 30 years. He and his friends who still work meet there every Thursday for breakfast. The waitress knows them, they all always order the same thing and they smoke like chimneys! Lucky for me there's that law in Florida which prohibits smoking inside dining establishments. So they were sitting on the porch, and I sat at the end of the table where the air currents consistently blew the smoke away from me. I'm going to tattle on my dad when my mom gets home because he had two, count them - two! - cigarettes. Tsk, tsk, tsk! Mommy will yell at him. I already have. He's supposed to be trying to quit. He has nothing to stress him anymore and he's out of excuses now that he's retired. I had a lovely Eggs Benedict with avocado slices and hash browns with an Arnold Palmer Iced Tea to drink. Yum!

When we got back, I took the packages I've been meaning to send off to Torrid and Lane Bryant for more than a week over to the FedEx-Kinko's. So that's done. Yay!

Then I went off to USF to fill out the grade forgiveness form to get the F taken off my transcript. It should be processed by next week and my GPA will be significantly improved because the vast majority of my grades are As and Bs with nothing lower than a C now that the F will be gone. I wanted to pick up my paper from my seminar and the papers that I let Prof. M have back for whatever it was that she needed to copy them for, but my seminar Prof wasn't there and Prof. M, I guess, didn't leave the papers outside her office as I thought she had said she would before the break. Ah, well... I'll get them another time.

If you remember, in a post about two weeks ago, I put up some pictures of the MLK Colonnade and I said I wished I had some of the plaza. So today, while out at school, I took pictures of the MLK plaza and also of the Mall.

The bust of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. On the pedestal, it has his name and birth and death dates, as well as a quote, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." I really like it.

The reflecting pools with the fountains on for once... At the other end is the granite with the "I Have a Dream" speech carved in it.

The smaller reflecting pool... I've never been sure why there's a break in it... You can see the huge palm trees reflecting in the water.

The reflecting pool from the other end, looking back toward the bust and colonnade.

The granite with the "I Have a Dream" speech. I couldn't fit the whole thing in the frame unless I stood in the middle of the reflecting pool.

The mall... I'm sure it's not officially called that, but that's what I call it because to me, it looks just like the Mall in DC, where all the class buildings are like the Smithsonian museums clustered around it.

This is just to the south of the plaza. A lovely grove of young live oak trees. You can see the colonnade through the trees.

Then I went to the real mall, the University Mall that is, just off campus and got a boba mango tea at the food court, checked out the shoes at Payless (still mostly ugly this season), and went to the pet shop because I always stop in that pet shop when I have a minute at that mall... have ever since I was a toddler going in there with my parents. They always have Persian kittens in there now. But the poor things that were in there this time seemed totally terrified like they've been terrorized by bad people or something. One squished himself into the back corner of the cage and looked at me with a fearful expression, poor thing, and the other one didn't do that, but neither would it come anywhere near the bars so I could pet its head. Not good, not good at all. And they were asking $699 each for them. Totally nutz! But then, they ask $899 for the Chihuahuas, and those things are all over the place around here. You can get one at a shelter for next to nothing, and there's also a rescue service for the breed in the area which is always looking for good homes. A friend of mine back in high school wanted to get a Chihuahua, but when she found out the price, she said she could get one the next time she visited family in the Texas desert, 5 miles from the Mexican border, for free because they're practically like rats there they're so prolific and common, so she certainly wasn't about to even consider paying nearly a thousand bucks for one.

Anyway, it's a good thing I went out this morning to take care of all this stuff because it is pouring down rain right now. And I'm going to go eat lunch and hopefully by the time I'm done, it will have stopped raining and I can get some things done in the garden today... I love days like this when I can get a ton of things done!

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