Sunday, May 06, 2007

Other cool pictures Mia took in Tampa

These are my feet (on the left) and Mia's feet (on the right) after we got pedicures several weeks ago:

C'est Mia, going somewhere all dressed up:

This is the Ringling House and Museum in Sarasota:

I went there many years ago... It's very pretty and they have some neat art and artifacts from the late 19th century circus world.

Evidently, Mia attended the Gasparilla Invasion back in February... or maybe late-January. I honestly can't remember when it is that they hold it anymore.

This is just one of the many pirate ships that enter Tampa Bay to inagurate the Gasparilla festivities... Tampa General Hospital, located on Davis Island, is visible in the background. I was born at that hospital.

These last five pictures are from the Renaissance Faire in March. It was raining and pretty cold that day, but we still had fun.

It was pouring rain at this point, but the knights still made a good showing at the joust matches... Or maybe this was when Mia went to Medieval Times in Orlando... hmmm... Anyway they are knights fighting with pointy things:

More hand-to-hand combat:

Because the Ren Faire is in a magical forest, many of the trees have eyes:

Kissing camels:

During the Human Chess Match, it wasn't raining too hard, so I let one of the wenches borrow my umbrella. Because she was a gypsy wench, she seemed to think it was a magical thing and could not figure out how to open it, so she just crouched under it without opening it, but was grateful for it all the same... Also, the guy in the background wearing the black doublet and pants and a white shirt was a total hottie and on the "bad side" of the Chess Match. He was also very funny. Totally our favorite, but of course did not win (because bad never wins at RenFest).
I love RenFest!

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