Sunday, May 13, 2007


Sometimes, I feel like I'm missing out because I don't have a livejournal... Now, to me, livejournal has from the very beginning seemed like myspace on crack to me (even before myspace existed) and this is why I don't have one. I spend far too much time on my computer as it is. If I had an lj, I think I would never leave my computer except on very special occasions. But still, sometimes... I feel like because I don't get livejournal and I don't have an account, I'm missing out on things happening online... Not that things really *happen* online. It is a virtual world after all... But... Icons, for instance. They look rather fun. Such as this one:
How fun is that?!? Totally have no idea where that one came from, I got it off someone's photobucket. But blogger doesn't use icons, and sometimes, I get jealous of those who can over on lj. If I knew how to make them (because I am terminally challenged when it comes to figuring out icons and MicrosoftPowerPoint, no matter how easy it might seem when other people do it) like what the parameters were and how to crop them and size them just so, I'd be less jealous, 'cause then I could put them in here whether or not they would function just like they do on lj. But I've noticed that those who post them for the "free use of others" over on livejournal often stipulate that they don't want them to be used outside of livejournal (which I think is ironic since 99.9% of the time, the pictures they use are copyrighted by someone else and then the icon makers upload the icons to a public internet site, so how they think they really should have a say in how or where they're used when they're breaking laws themselves is beyond me, but...), so I feel bad about ignoring their wishes and posting icons here. But even so... They're so much fun!

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