Monday, May 21, 2007

Finally, someone posted it to YouTube...

The season 2's "Wayward Sons" recap of Supernatural (and when I say "season 2's recap, I mean the recap of the entire series as it pertains to the season 2 finale, not just what happened in season 2).

But first season 1's "Wayward Sons" recap:
(I love this sequence beyond all reason...)

Season 2's "Wayward Sons":

I'm thinking that this is going to be a trend before the season finales of Supernatural, to have recaps set to "Carry on My Wayward Son" by some band called Kansas (sorry, never heard of them before - although upon looking them up, I found that they also sing "Dust in the Wind," oft featured on Highlander: The Series when someone close to Duncan died, but until now, I didn't realize that). I think season 1's recap is the more effective one. And before anyone who might mention it does, I realized that the song is "Carry On My Wayward Son," in the singular when I call these the "Wayward Sons recaps", but since there's both Sam and Dean, I say "Wayward Sons" plural. Not that anyone will probably care about that...

And I'm tempted to post the entire season finale, "All Hell Breaks Loose," because if you piece together different postings by different people at YouTube, the whole thing is there, but I won't because this would be a horrible episode to watch without having watched the previous two seasons. It's a culmination of sorts and the catharsis of it will fall flat if it's watched on its own. And it really is a wonderful pay-off the likes of which I've never experienced with any other tv show ever and that would be terrible to ruin... Just to prove that it's not just me who thought this ep was amazing, here are reactions of a few of my friends...

Laura said, "[All Hell Breaks Loose] kicked all kinds of ass. Then it resurrected that ass and kicked it all over again."

And in response to me saying, "I nearly died! I spent the entire hour going back and forth between crying and being too shocked to cry... What the Hell just happened?!?" Mia reacted thus (with some taken out to prevent spoilage), "EEEK I KNOW. oh my god. DEAN... meeep... i just rewatched it again... and i'm in love with this show, really truly. GAH. BOYS."

Obviously, Laura was the most coherent one of us.

I would, however, post the pilot episode here if I could because, all things said, anyone who hasn't seen Supernatural should start at the beginning, but no one has posted the entire thing to YouTube... or if they had in the past, it's not there now... So I'm thinking in a few weeks, it might be a good time to show the pilot on CW again, but... Looks like this Thursday they are reairing the season 2 premiere, then the season 2 finale the next week, and then carrying on with the season 2 episodes after that, with nothing from season 1 in the schedule for at least the next several weeks. ::pouts:: Looks like those unfortunate many who haven't seen it will have to get their hands on the DVDs to see it... Blockbuster, Netflix, Run, don't walk, if you like "The X-Files," horror movies (past or present), American folklore, urban legends, mystery books/tv/movies, and/or pretty angst-ridden hotties! Supernatural has all of that in spades.

And this will probably be the last I say about Supernatural until it gets close to the season premiere in the Fall... I'm pushing it so much lately 'cause I think it is really woefully under-rated, I think because of the reputation of WB/CW tv shows as being very Dawson's Creek/Gilmore Girls/Seventh Heaven... Honestly, I think this show really belongs on FOX, the network that its big brother, "The X-Files," aired on. It has a lot of the same people working on it, taking everything they learned doing that great show and applying it to SPN to make it an even better show. Supernatural came far too close to being canceled this year for my comfort levels. It might all have been posturing by the network execs to create a buzz among the fans, but then again, it might not have been. In any case, I want to do whatever I can to spread the word, get more viewers and make sure that it's on the air for a long time to come... purely a selfish want. I need my weekly Dean-fix, you see. ;D

And Sam ain't nothin' to shake a stick at either... he has dimples... ;D

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