Wednesday, May 16, 2007

::sighs:: the cabin

Well, we got the estimate for the cabin as we wanted it early last week. It took a few days to get over it. The turn-key price was significantly more than we had thought it would be. Apparently, the Sebec has a lot of details, etc. which raise the price per square foot, make it impossible to pare down by cutting corners, and (worst of all) make it out of our realistic price range. We could still do it, but it would be financially dangerous. So the Sebec is out. ::tears:: It was so perfect...

So we're looking at our 3rd and 4th choices, because our 2nd choice, the Woodstock, mom has decided she doesn't like... 3rd choice is the Laurel-A. 4th is the Lincoln-B. The square footage is a bit less than the Sebec, but what they have, they use pretty wisely. Both have more bedrooms, at 4 each.

If we went with the Lincoln-B we would add a fireplace to the plan and knock out the wall on the 4th bedroom upstairs for an open loft. We'd also flip the upstairs bathroom so that the door was in the loft and not in the bedroom. And we would want a larger window in the living room.

If we go with the Laurel-A, which is the direction that we're leaning at the moment, we wouldn't have to make as many adjustments. The plan already includes a fireplace. We would probably right-to-left flip the floorplan to put the living room and kitchen windows facing the pasture. We're also kicking around the idea of taking the two adjancent bedrooms downstairs and making them into one large master suite or something. Also the kitchen needs a pantry, and there needs to be a linen closet somewhere... and we haven't figured out where the washer/dryer can go yet either. Why so many of these cabin floor plans have neither linen, nor pantry, nor washer/dryer storage is a total mystery to me.

In case I haven't posted it before, here is a picture of the view we're trying to take best advantage of (here, in late-fall):


ilana said...

Didja know we live in a log house? There's a picture in my Me Stuff photobucket folder.

We lost our black kitty today. Took him to the vet and found out he'd got feline AIDS; we had to have him put down. I'm really sad about it. :(

Rachael said...

No, I didn't know that you live in a log house. How cool! I'll check out your photos.

Oh, I'm so sorry about your kitty! That's terrible! Do you have any idea how he got it?

ilana said...

From what the vet told me, one of the ways it spreads is through bites from fights; he said it's more common for males to get it because they're fighters, but the risk for outdoor cats is about 25%. Wikipedia says it's also passed through mucus membranes and kitty sex. I gather that it behaves similarly to AIDS in humans. So, yeah. It's pretty likely he got it during a fight with another male cat.

Yep. We like our house. My parents had it built about 23 years ago; the lot was, once upon a time, the town dump, so we get a lot of interesting pieces of pottery coming up in the garden when it rains. Mom's even found things like clay marbles.

Rachael said...

Oh, that's just terrible! More people should know about this. I had heard of feline AIDS, but I didn't know all that much about it. I'm so sorry!

Wow, that's really neat about your yard! How old do y'all think the pottery sherd are?

ilana said...

Mom's guess is 19th century. One of the sherds of pottery was Flow Blue, and mom set it in silver and strung it on a row of lapis beads intersperse with pearls. Very pretty.

*mew* Thank you.
I completely agree.

Rachael said...

That's so cool!