Thursday, September 08, 2005

Been industrious...

I got the pocketbook slippers that I've been working on done tonight (pictured at left) . The pattern can be found here: They are very easy to do, require no blocking or complicated shaping, and are quite comfy and warm. I made them in 100% cotton... Bernat's "Cotton Tots" to be exact (one skein will make one pair with a little left over). They are very stretchy. They fit my size 11 W feet and could stretch a bit further, so significantly smaller footed people might want to adjust the pattern and experiment a bit. They work up very quickly, so that shouldn't be too much of a hardship. I actually did not make them for myself (and I might alter the pattern a bit when I make them again). I made them for my cousin, Stephanie, who is pregnant with her third child right now. She's due, G-d willing, in October, just in time for the cooler weather, so I worked up a whole gift pack of cozy, cuddly things for the baby (including the blanket pictured here in another post) and thought I should toss something in to keep her feet warm during those late winter nights of rocking and pacing. But shhh! It's a surprise, and besides, because of the extreme Jewish superstition surrounding pregnant women of which she and her husband are very observant, I can't give them to her 'til after the baby is born. Since I, with luck and blessings, still have a few weeks at least, I might work up another pair of them for her with the fit alterations I'm considering to see if they work better.

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