Thursday, September 29, 2005

Irony and disappointment

Well, they had no bikes except very tiny children's bikes at Goodwill... So back to being SOL for an American made bike under $200. On the ironic side of things, I found an American made adult tricycle for $268.97 at Walmart of all places when I stopped in to price their Schwinns. But I neither want nor need a tricycle as it is too expensive and not at all manuverable when compared to a bicycle. Evenso, this is the only bicycle-like thing made in the US that I've seen since I began my search about three weeks ago.

So I'm disappointed about that, and the Roberts confirmation... On principle, I oppose anyone or anything that Bush and his cronies think is a good idea. And I got a link to this article in my e-mail from Oxfam America, "Housing Issues, Eminent Domain Top Concerns Among East Biloxi Residents". Here's a link:

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