Thursday, September 15, 2005

Fabric samples

Got the linen fabric samples that I order from today. they look really nice. I scanned them, but they didn't scan very well. The colors in the first sample look almost as they should, except that the colors are a little more harsh than they are in person. The greens and blues are much softer on the actual sample, and the light blue is more of sky blue than it appears in the scan. The second sample looks only somewhat like the scan. The pink is a lighter carnation pink, and the color of the stripes in the what looks like almost peachy-orange stripes is actually salmon pink. The brown stripes are actually natural flax colored. And the white samples in both are totally washed out, as you can see. I tried fixing it, but Photoshop was not cooperating. They are all 100% linen, and all of them are 5.3 oz/yard, except for the white and white/natural linen stripe on the second sample, which is 6 oz/yard. I'm wondering what would be best to get, and I welcome suggestions. With these prices, the difference in price is not an issue.

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