Monday, September 19, 2005

News of my little bro, Josh.

Josh is doing better the longer he's home... He's stopped smoking cigs as far as we can tell, which is very good (now, if only we could be sure that the pot and excessive drinking has stopped). Although, he might disagree that he's doing better 'cause he's had a hard time finding enough work to keep him busy (he still hasn't heard back from the local news station about the golf tournament work he did for them about a month ago). This may have changed however because he's started editing mini-shows for DJ Rossstar on . I highly recommend checking it out 'cause even though I have no idea who anyone in these videos are, I still thought it was pretty cool. Josh did all the editing, the special effects and the captions. I'm pretty proud of him. There will be new vids every week, I think. At the very least, this will get his name out there even more because this site is fairly well known in the punk music circle.

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