Saturday, September 03, 2005

Movie recommendations

Since I'm watching it right now, while trying to catch up on my back-logged e-mail, I thought I should mention this little gem of a movie. It's called "The Last of the Blonde Bombshells." It's about a group of women and one man who, during the blitzkrieg on London, formed a lovely little swing band that they called "The Blonde Bombshells." The one gentleman in the band dressed in drag because he was trying to hide from the draft board. Years later, the youngest of them, played by Judi Dench, wants to bring them all together again to play for her grand-daughter's school dance, just for old time's sake. Also starring is Ian Holm, as well as Olympia Dukakis. Valentine Pelka has a small roll. I'm not sure what his role actually is, but he seems to be a very dorky yet cool kind of school-teacher/chaperone (He's an old favorite of mine. Played one of the best villains ever on "Highlander: The Series."). I highly recommend this movie. It really is just too cute.

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