Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Highlander 5?

::am skeptical:: I just heard today that Lions' Gate Films is trying to make "Highlander 5: subtitle yet to be determined" (although, it's rumored to be "The Source" or "The Journey Continues"... there is also a rumor that it will be the first of a trilogy arch of "Highlander" films) with Adrien Paul *and* Christophe Lambert (according to - although they have been known to be wrong before)... No offense to Mr. Lambert, because Lord knows I thought he was awesome in the other Highlander movies, but playing a character who is immortal and totally immune to aging periodically over a 20 year period doesn't seem to be a great idea. He was starting to look a little long in the tooth in the last one. I ignored it as much as I could 'cause his character wasn't going to survive the film, but if he comes back for this one, I think it's going to be more than a little rediculous.

Filming is supposed to begin this month in Lithuania, and Adrien Paul is an executive producer, along with the production team from "The Series." I just hope Peter Wingfield is back to play "Methos" (and we see more screentime for him than the 15 minutes he got in "Endgame"), and the stupid continuity hiccup that was Kate MacLeod/"Faith" will be forgotten. They made a big deal in the series about Mac never having married and having been told by a gypsey woman that he "would bury many women but marry none." I'd much rather see Liz Gracen come back as "Amanda" and Jim Byrnes as "Joe" along with the rest of the gang rather than have another plot hole of bad writers. According to another source,, the rewrite of the script by David Abramowitz, which was just finished a matter of weeks ago, includes Methos and Joe, but I haven't found confirmation of this or of any of the other actors being connected with the film.

Anyway, more about "Highlander 5" will be posted here as info is released.


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