Thursday, September 08, 2005


Can't believe I'm still awake... But since my parents got up for work and turned the news on, I've found it very distracting and infuriating, two things that are not conducive to sleep. If this entire tragedy has taught me one new thing (I already knew that this country can't find it's way out of a paper bag with two hands and a flashlight thanks to a certain administration), it's that this country is full of drama queens and a good number of them are in politics and journalism... Far fewer than would have been expected are in the entertainment industry, since large numbers of the members of those professions have rolled up their sleeves, stopped prattling and have volunteered in the trenches. I'm sure you don't have to ask why I would accuse members of the press and government of dramatic over-reacting and grandstanding for the sake of their own glory as long as you have a television or computer (or maybe a radio, but I don't know since I don't get my news there). It's insufferable though. The press and the government should be ashamed of themselves for their behavior over the past two weeks from CNN to FoxNews and on both sides of the aisle. But as Ed Helms said on last night's "Daily Show," by the time this is all over, the government will probably not be able to find enough medals to honor assholes involved in this catastrophe and the head of FEMA will probably have been dipped in bronze and given as an award to yet other idiot officials (pardon the strong language). Check out the "Daily Show" and their genius here: Run, do not walk, to watch the news clips, especially Jon Stewart's treatise on the "Inarguable Failure," although I would not commend the media to the extent that he did 'cause I'm a bit ticked at them right now... "Bush's Timeline" and "Beleaguered Bush" are also worthy of Peabody Awards... the latter takes a look at the ABCs (because, as we know, administration disasters are named alphabetically) of Bush failures... which I have reproduced for you here, for those without the ability to watch the video:

Major Disasters of the Bush Administration (those that have happened w/ +)
+ Abu Garib
+ Bin Laden
+ Chalabi
+ Deficit
+ Enron
+ Failure to find WMDs
+ Halliburton
+ Iraq
+ John Bolton
+ Katrina
- Locusts
- Mars attacks
- North Korea
- Osama & Jenna
- Pregnancy: Osama & Jenna
- Queer revolt
- Rodents of Unusual Size
- Syrian War
- Tigers
- Unicyclists, nuclear
- Voldemort
- X-rated Tape: Osama & Jenna
- Yam shortage
- Zero people left on Earth

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